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Fly Screens and Insect Screens - Whats The Difference!?


Basically nothing!

As our Business Development Manager said in his Insect Screens article, Insect Screens and Fly Screens are simply two different ways of describing exactly the same thing!

Insect screens are just a posh name for fly screens. We use both names on our website for various reasons.

Fly Screens - is the most well known name for the product range. The likelihood is that if you’ve reached us via a search engine like Google are Yahoo, you will have searched using the term “fly screens” – so it’s important that we use this term on our website, so that you can find us!

Insect Screens - is the more correct way of describing the product. As our head of business development would say, the name “insect screens” broadens the perceived use of the products - from keeping out pesky flies, to keeping out all types of insects: wasps, bees, butterflies, moths and dragon flies!

A common misconception is that fly screens (or insect screens) are just used to keep air born insects out. This is false - they are also excellent at keeping spiders, ants and beetles out. Which makes the perfect all year round protection for your home!

To view our range of Fly Screens or Insect Screens just follow the links  - they’re the same anyway!

Posted in : Insect Screens : Pest Control

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